My name: Solaeman Ab.lh ST.
I am only human and I can only hand over all the affairs of the Lord I hope everything I do is useful for all.

“pleading without asking and hope withoutasking” .

Ideals like to see the orphans and the underprivileged a have the same rights as other children who are able, in school, college and has the skills to face life.



7 pemikiran pada “About

  1. wow sudah mulai rapih nih , hehehhehe
    aku bantuin leh gak?

  2. Bagus tampilannya …. tapi isinya kok gak specifik ya ? Campur aduk ….
    Tapi boleh juga !!!

  3. makinasyik aja nih isinya
    selamat n smoga makinmantab bror………
    salam dr teman2mua di Argentina

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  5. You end up being funny as well sounding too severe all at the exact same time, I can’t tension that importance in writing and editing one’s personal web space.

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